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Copyright 1997, the publishers. Negations is published twice annually in the city of Dallas, Texas, United States of America.

Negations is an interdisciplinary journal of social thought dedicated to expanding the realm of discourse. Our methodological approach is to draw on directly relevant work by scholars, poets and artists from across the arts and humanities to create a wide ranging synthesis of critical assessments of the current realm of discourse and a range of proposals synthesized from the traditions and experts of the collective arts and humanities.

Charter subscriptions are available at $16 annually. Regular subscription rates are $20.

Poetry or article submissions should include three print copies and, if possible, a copy on either Macintosh or DOS disk in a standard wordprocessor format. Articles should be 15 to 25 double-spaced pages in Chicago style with bibliography. Please include a biography. Submissions of poetry should include four to ten poems. Artwork is accepted in black and white only. Submissions are judged in a peer selection process.


PO Box 835984 Richardson TX 75083

Editorial Staff


J.L. Hinman - Publisher

Tim Wood - Managing Editor

Ray Hinman - Poetry Editor

Lantz Miller - Book review Editor

Fran Carris - Copy Editor

Patricia Miklos - Copy Editor

Jim Bratone - Special Editor

Rodger Thompson - Proofing




Editorial Board


Alex Argyros - Literary Studies, University of Texas at Dallas

William S. Babcock - Director, Graduate Program in Religious Studies, Southern Methodist University

Charles R. Bombach - History of Ideas, University of Texas at Dallas

David Channell - History of Ideas and - Philosophy of Science, University of Texas at Dallas

William Gibson - Sociology, University of California at Santa Barbara

Susan Heckman - Dean of Graduate Program in Humanities, University of Texas at Arlington

Frederick Hotz - Philosophy, Collin County Community College

Lorraine Kahn - Formerly Visiting Scholar in Film, Institute of Industrial Relations, The University of California at Berkeley

Barry Katz - Formerly Professor of Philosophy, Stanford University

Marcia Landy - Department of English, University of Pittsburgh

James O'Connor - Professor of Economics, The University of California at Santa Cruz

George Pepper - retired, Jaspers Scholar, Iona College

Jim Perkinson - Historical Theology, University of Detroit

Nicoletta Pireddu - Rice University

Brian Spitzberg - Communication, San Diego State University

Theodore Walker - Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Victor Worsfold - Ethics, University of Texas at Dallas




Special Thanks


Dr. Theodore Walker

Dr. Victor Worsfold

Dr. Gerald Soliday